A few weeks ago I attended ‘The Future of Impact Investment and Regenerative Business’ event hosted by The Regeneration. I had an incredible time meeting people and interacting with organizations who were all working diligently to change our mindsets. It was work that actively separated us from the doom and gloom news coverage to using creativity to make this world not just sustainable, but a thriving place for all of us and the next generation. 

At the end of the event mixer, The Regeneration invited small businesses to give a short pitch and talk about what their business and their plans—how they would use investments to make a bigger impact. I heard people present their business ideas. However, even though I loved the given ideas, I didn’t hear their *real* story.

Most of the entrepreneurs don’t share their story first. They jump right into the features, return on investment, and the growth strategy, then they talk about the exit strategy. Please don’t get me wrong: Those facts are important to investors. But if you’re really want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, connect first by sharing who you are and what you do. 

And do it with video. It’s true that more can be said with pictures than with text, but VIDEO really raises the bar. 

To establish an authentic connection with your customers, don’t share ads. Share stories.

To establish an authentic connection with your investor, don’t jump into the features or ROI, share your aha-moment – the stories – because most WHYs really begin with an a-ha moment.

Share your story from the perspective of your customers. Because your customers connect with you on a personal level.

Investors invest first in YOU, not in your business plan. 

They want to know you’re driven and that you stand strongly for what you believe in, and you will persist when hit challenges.

“In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor.” – Nick Morgan

I’m so passionate about helping entrepreneurs and purpose-driven organizations tap into their story and create videos because it does something other mediums do not: Instantly connects, educates, and inspires. 

Your story defines your vision and mission.

Which part of your story is best share the vision and mission of your company? When you know that, it’s easy for ideal clients and raving fans to not only find you, but invest in you, hire you and share you with their friends.

Click below to find out how we can help you share YOUR story.

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