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CEI recently launched the #CEIproject, an initiative focused on activating conversations that inspire change through conscious actions. In our #CEIproject interview series, we’re having conversations with a wide range of conscious business leaders, innovators and change makers, delving into their personal stories. We particularly focus on stories that emphasize wellness and sustainability. Each interview, conducted by our founder, Agnieszka Wielgosz, aims to connect, educate and inspire the collective to thrive and to deeply connect with their highest potential. 

We can’t TALK ABOUT EQUALITY when our outlook is so biased.

Stanford Thompson is a musician and educator who serves as the Founder and Executive Director of 'Play On, Philly!' an El Sistema inspired program bringing music education to students in underserved areas throughout Philadelphia. Recently recognized as a TED Fellow,...

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I made this video to share my story about why I started my passion project, which no surprise I call #CEIproject. Hopefully it has inspired you with some of your own ideas for video. I’d love to hear what your story is! Hearing your stories is my favourite part of what I do here at the CEI Collective.

Every experience you’ve had, job you’ve taken and interest that you’ve pursued are part of your story. Your story is a primary influence of your whyyour purpose, the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing in the world. When you tell your story effectively, it shows people what you’ve learned, what you’ve implemented in your life and in your businesswhich means it has the potential to enhance your credibility, and it builds trust.

That’s why my mission is to help holistic and functional wellness entrepreneurs create their brand story and market it so that their ideal clients find and hire them. I’m so passionate about helping them tap into their story and to create videos for them, so they can use their message to connect, educate, and inspire their community. 

Your story defines your vision and mission. I can help you to discover which part of your story is the best way to also share the vision and mission of your company. This will help make it easy for ideal clients and raving fans not only to find you, but to hire you and share you with their friends! If that sounds like you, I’d love to chat about how I can help you share your story in a way that makes a bigger difference in the world…and in business profits!


“Agnieszka supported my company Pipeline’s mission of closing the gender gap in our lifetime by amplifying our message via a digital campaign on her blog and a coordinated social media effort. I felt inspired and at ease, I know that I can trust her with Pipeline’s story and mission.

She is always professional and thoughtful in her questions, timelines and write-ups. Agnieszka wrote an excellent blog post on Medium about Pipeline and myself including our economic case for closing the gender gap. She shared the blog post on her Linkedin page and reached an expanded audience.

The biggest opportunity working with Agnes is collaborating on content and sharing our message with a new audience. Collaborate with Agnieszka, it is worth your time and effort.”

Katica Roy, CEO of Pipeline

Agnieszka’s energy, passion and absolute belief in the power of story to bring about the change we need in this world are a constant inspiration.  She is fully committed to helping shift the perception on the issues at the individual and global level that hold us back from achieving the healthy, equal and prosperous society. Through her work, she speaks to many. Her questions are very thoughtful and well-researched. #CEIproject is such a great education platform, reaching out to a global collective, driving the positive change we need to protect and sustain our wonderful world and all its people. 

I support her project because I want to see all of us leaving the world a better place than we found it. This project  is a voice of reason why we do what we do –her content provides the evidence and new perspective that putting purpose at the forefront of business is necessary…

Elisabeth Crossley-Wright, CEO of With Love Darling

“Agnieszka showed up at a screening for my film at SAP last year and asked if I would speak to her. She made me feel like my thoughts, feelings and opinions mattered and gave me a platform to express them. It was invaluable to me. Agnieszka made me feel empowered and hopeful. She walks the walk when in comes to empowering women and creating a more equal society.

I think we all have yet to see the benefits but I expect great things from Agnieszka. She will inspire more women and because of this the future will indeed be a brighter, more equal place, for all.”

Stefanie Sparks, CEO of Fireball Films NYC

I truly admire how Agnieszka puts herself out there to champion causes for others.  She powerfully uses her platform to encourage and engage users toward awareness and deeper understanding of the issues so pressing today. Agnieszka is a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of being an interviewee a couple of times and through our conversations getting a deeper understanding of all she embodies and is trying to champion.  

Her questions are astute, tough and dutifully researched. Simply put, she knows her stuff! We as women need to connect and lean on each other.  Historically, men created power networks. Now is the time for women to unite and galvanize into the formidable force we were meant to achieve. Agnieszka’s’ work helps to create such a bond of women helping women succeed.”

Cheryl Najafi, CEO of Love Over H8 Apparel

“These types of conversations are important for us all to have to figure how we shift the culture around issues of manhood, masculinity, femininity, womanhood and the like. Thank you, Agnieszka 

Wade Davis, UN Women Global Champion for Innovation

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