Visual content gaining popularity ( I often see this line in the headline articles) 
Do you agree? Or maybe this is just a joke?

What would Picasso, Degas, Monet, or Pollock say? Would they laugh at this statement? 


If we look at the human roots of visual expression, the first human ancestors painted their lives on cave walls before the first word was written – we communicated through pictures.

As such, when we contemplate about the visual expansion, we’re thinking about something for which there was always a human desire…

There was always a human desire for self-expression.

There was always a human desire to present oneself to others but also to oneself, and thus the first known self-portraits emerged during the Renaissance. Rembrandt during his life made nearly 100 self-portraits; he painted himself and his life’s ups and downs – trying to document them as closely as possible.

From the Golden Age until today, neuroscience is teaching us that ‘self-expression’ might be one – if not the most – important way(s) for people to communicate.

Why might this be so? Something important happens inside of us when we self-express ourselves. We feel connected, inspired; we experience freedom to be ourselves.

So, no, visual content is not gaining a popularity.

Visual creation is simply in our DNA, and we are awakening more than ever before…so enjoy the journey.

It’s my hope that, in a rush toward digital transformation, we never lose sight of this simple truth: Behind every piece of visual content, there is a person, a story, and human tradition. !!!

Here at CEI Collective our mission is to  advocate for appropriate representations of women in the media. We help women wellness entrepreneurs pioneering the holistic health movement share their stories, products and services through video.


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